The Law on Protection and Health at Work, Act 17 (“The Official Gazette of Montenegro”, no. 34/14 and 44/18) and the Code about the method and procedure of risk assessment at work and in working environment.

Risk assessment is a systematic recording and estimation of all factors in the working process with the aim to identify the possible causes of injuries at work, disease or work related health damage, and to identify the possibilities, i.e. the method of preventing, elimination or reduction of risks. So the risk assessment gives answers to four key questions:


1. Which hazards are present at work?
The answer to this question is – danger recognition.

2. What kind of health damage can occur by being exposed to identified hazard?
The answer to this question determines the kind of injury, professional illnesses and work-related illnesses, their severity and the effect on the working ability of employees.

3. What is the probability that the hazard arises in a form of injuries at work, professional illnesses or work-related disease?
The answer to this question emerges from the working procedure knowledge, the intensity of danger and hazard, the duration of exposure and the application of protection and health at work standards.

4. What is the risk scale of health damage?
The risk scale of health damage is assessed by combining the type and severity of health damage and the probability that the damage could happen.


The document on risk assessment is an official paper containing the description of working procedure with the injury risk assessment or health damage at the workplace, by which the measures for risk elimination or reduction with the aim of security improvement and health protection at work.

The document on risk assessment consists especially of:

  • The general data about the employer,
  • The data about the existing condition (the use of production and other capacities),
  • Risk assessment (the method and the procedure),
  • The plan on measures for prevention, elimination or reduction of the risk scale,
  • Conclusion,
  • Amendments and additions to the document on risk assessment.